Roofing Historical Homes in Boulder County

In the City of Boulder cedar shakes can no longer be installed when re-roofing a home or business structure because of the local Fire Ordinance. However, in Boulder County plains/fire zone 2 and some specific municipalities, cedar shakes with a Class A assembly are allowed.

In the home shown at the left, 3R Roofing, LLC was tasked with the job of preserving the historical integrity of this late 19th century home in Superior, Colorado while following local code requirements for a Class A assembly for a new cedar shake roof.Cynda pre T.O. (2)

To do this, we had to remove the existing cedar shake roofing material and re-sheet some portions of the old roof deck as you can see on the right.Cynda T.O.






The re-decking was followed by the installation of customized material: namely, TAM-CAP Glass UL rated fiberglass mat underlayment, including ice and water guard at all eaves and valleys, and Class B #1 medium fire treated shakes with split felt underlayment, as on the left. 12 12





So, in the process of providing an historically appropriate roof for a charming, customized Victorian home in Boulder County, 3R Roofing, LLC was also able to deliver a Class A cedar shake assembly at an investment not much more than a standard cedar shake assembly. We now have one happy cat under a new wood shake roof!

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Cat                                         Ridgeview



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