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Balanced Roof Ventilation, a Must!

What’s wrong with this picture?

It may not be obvious as these wind driven turbine roof exhaust vents move up to five times more air than the standard roof exhaust vent known as an RV 51.

The problem is two fold:

  • These vents have no corresponding intake vents so they cannot draw attic air effectively.
  • Also, because they are close to each other, they tend to draw outside air from each other instead of the attic.

If you are looking for more Summer time relief from the heat and less moisture buildup which can lead to mold and mildew, it is absolutely essential that your attic space have an appropriate balance and configuration between intake and exhaust venting.

Proper ventilation will also extend the life of your roof too and improve the over all energy efficiency of your homeSAMSUNGBalancing Intake Vent. Contact 3R Roofing in Boulder, Colorado for a free consultation.

Value of Velux Solar Powered Skylights

Velux Solar Powered Skylight BoulderIf you are looking for more natural light in your home and an Energy Star Tax credit to boot then consider the Velux VSS solar powered skylight. The solar powered blind is a very good option to include as well!

You are now eligible for an average of $850 on this product and installation Federal Energy Star tax credit!

Some of the superior features of this skylight:

  • A rain sensor that automatically shuts the skylight window when it rains
  • The best insulative value of any skylight available – a great replacement for plexiglass ‘bubble’ skylights
  • Low-E glass that regulates according to season to contain or repel heat
  • No leak warranty with a superior flashing kit
  • Bright natural light, beauty and comfort, both inside and out

We recently installed two of these skylights near Boulder, Colorado after the hail storms of 2014 and have installed many other curb mounted and deck mounted Velux skylights for happy customers in the Boulder area.

If you are looking for a new Velux skylight please fill out our 3R Roofing contact form today!






Eco Friendly Roofing Best Practices

Obviously we’d like to see every home have an energy efficient roof. We’d like to see every home and building have a roof that is made from mostly recycled content and that won’t summarily be dumped in a landfill. We’d like to see this growing movement of green roofing move faster. In the mean time, I offer the standards for Roofing Best Practice.

  • Recycle tear-off Shingles
  • Work with your City & County for project financing & rebates
  • Install Energy Star Roofing material
  • Use high recycled content materials – such as steel
  • Partner with Renewable Energy contractors
  • Ventilation upgrades reduce cooling load & extend roof life
  • Recycle other C & D waste

Thanks for your ongoing support. And help us move toward recycling commercial roofing products too!

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