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Roof Replacement – Boulder, CO

If you own a home in Boulder, CO, there’s a strong probability that your roof has been the victim of some pretty extreme weather conditions. From the scorching sun and springtime hailstorms, to high winds and heavy snow, the elements can really take a toll on the exterior of the home, with the roof being the most vulnerable. A compromised roofing system can cause major problems and costly damages to the home, therefore, partnering with a professional roofing contractor is imperative when it comes to replacing the roof and ensuring that your home’s interior and exterior stay protected.

3R Roofing, LLC is a reputable licensed and insured roofing contractor who has offered quality roofing solutions in Boulder, CO and the surrounding communities for over 20 years. Specializing in residential roof replacement and commercial roofing repairs, 3R Roofing, LLC has sound solutions for property owners throughout Boulder County needing roof maintenance, repairs, or replacement. And because 3R Roofing, LLC is an industry leader in green roofing solutions, your roof will be professionally replaced with the environment in mind.

Roofing Options at 3R Roofing, LLC include:

  • Class Four hail resistant asphalt shingles and more
  • Velux skylights with Energy Star tax credits
  • All types of metal roofing products including Energy Star
  • Single ply and low slope roofing products
  • All types of repair and ventilation upgrades

Whether planning to replace an old, worn roof, or addressing damage caused by unforeseen circumstances, 3R Roofing, LLC has got you covered. Their skilled contractors will take the time to address your roofing issues and offer sound recommendations that adhere to your specific needs. When filing an insurance claim, the knowledgeable team at 3R Roofing, LLC is happy to assist with this process, as well.

If you live in Boulder, CO or the neighboring communities and need your roof issues addressed, choosing a trusted roofing contractor who specializes in Class Four roofing, Energy Star skylights, insurance claims and ventilation upgrades is the first step to ensure a successful roofing project. 3R Roofing, LLC and their team of professional roofing contractors have provided their roofing expertise in Colorado for over 2 decades.

Call the experts at 3R Roofing, LLC for your free inspection and estimate today! Don’t forget to ask about our affordable metal roofing options!

Hail Damage in Colorado

Hail damage; Colorado has seen it’s fair share over the past couple of months. If you live in Boulder County, chances are your home’s roof may have been damaged due to the recent hail storms we’ve seen pass through. The thought of repairing or replacing a roof after storm damage can seem overwhelming. Having a reliable roofing contractor inspect and repair or replace your damaged roof and work with your insurance carrier throughout the claim process can make all the difference when it comes to these unfortunate events. 3R Roofing, LLC is a Boulder based roofing contractor who will do just that. They have proudly offered their services in Boulder County for over two decades, and will work with you, the homeowner, throughout the entire process to make your roof replacement or repairs stress free.

How do you know you might need your roof inspected after a hail storm? Unfortunately, most homeowners will assume that if there aren’t any leaks that they have not been affected. While you may not notice obvious signs on the interior of the home, such as warping, cracked paint, or peeling wall paper caused by leaking, it does not mean that your exterior didn’t experience any damage.


Roof damage caused by hail can include:

  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • Dimples or “bruising” of shingles
  • Excess accumulation of granules in gutters or downspouts
  • Black subtrate exposure
  • Dents in metal flashing or metal roofing
  • Broken tiles (slate roofs)


If you live in Boulder County and you notice these, or any other signs of damage to your roof, this could be a good indication that your home was impacted by the recent hail storms. Getting a roof inspection and making any necessary repairs can make all the difference when it comes to the extensive damage that can occur if ignored. 3R Roofing, LLC is a trusted Boulder roofing contractor with the expertise to make your roof replacement and repairs a painless process. 3R Roofing will work directly with your insurance company, are eco-friendly, and are experienced in the repairs and replacement of a variety of roofing systems. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Roofing in Boulder & High Insulation Value

This new construction at elevation in Boulder is a Solargon which is constructed with structurally integrated panels –SIPS.  The Solargon is a very unique design that allows for efficient use of land space which is aesthetically pleasing and suggests a ’round’ form. And, it can be completed on a limited budget.

The SIPS panels that were used to construct this building are essentially an EPS sandwich, popularly known as styrofoam, that is strengthened by two sheets of oriented strand board – OSB – to make for a very strong and well insulated ‘turnkey’ construction material (SIPS panels can be rated for R-40 and higher).

In conjunction with the general contractor, Phoenix Remodeling, 3R Roofing of Boulder installed a new asphalt shingle roof comprised of Owens-Corning-TruDefinition-Dimensional-Shingles that blended well with the natural environment and provided good elemental protection on top of an incredibly well insulated new home.



1. Me and my son Jaim, in Boulder Lumber hat, who helped with the dry in.Dad and Jaim






Solargon Roof

2. Here is a view of the dry in from the roof.







3. And, here are the guys under way with the roof installation.Guys JPG crop








4. Finished Product! Finish 2 c





Finish 1 c








5. A Boulder project well done by Phoenix Remodeling and 3R Roofing!Sign 1




Best EPDM low slope roofing in Boulder, Co.

img_20160712_0834551boom-1img_20160712_0839421A few months ago, in the summer of 2016, 3R Roofing worked on this building in Boulder, CO with an EPDM roof that presented a unique challenge. The roof slope in the field was sufficient to bring water to the right area of the roof, but it did not reach the drainage points adequately – important details!

For starters, we had Fernando (below) of American Roofing Supply in Commmerce City deliver the EPDM materials to the roof with his handy boom truck.



Then, enter our specialized crew who provide expert over frame crickets that divert water runoff.

We had Cruz, a very talented roofer/carpenter and his other able helpers install the overframe cricket system on the roof deck to make sure that water reaching the drainage wall went to the specific drainage points, known as conductor heads. This system prevents excessive pooling and water buildup from occuring on the roof and sends the water where it belongs – on the ground!













This taper and cricket system is uncommon in Boulder, Co. because most taper systems for roofing are done with EPS (extruded polystyrene – styro foam).

And, though EPS is a sufficient taper system that adds insulative value and good runoff characteristics to a roof system it is most often more expensive than wood crickets. And, it is vulnerable to deterioration from the EPDM adhesives used to apply the field membrane.

So, when considering new or overframe taper applications for challenged low slope roofing systems in Boulder, Colorado and beyond, 3R Roofing suggests that you consider wood over EPS. It may save you a lot of money and a lot of headache!





How Different Kinds of Skylights Can Suit Your Needs (Skylight Guide, Part 2)

Boulder, CO – In our last post, we discussed the many benefits of installing skylights in residential and commercial buildings. There are several different types of skylights, each of which has different advantages and customizable attributes. 3R Roofing works primarily with Velux and Polycarbonate skylights.

  1. Velux (See picture on the right)Velux Solar Powered Skylight Boulder

Velux are some of the best, highest-quality skylight models. Velux skylights maximize all of the desirable features skylights can have. They use double-paned, low-e glass which filters out potentially harmful UV light while allowing natural sunlight into the room. They can be opened to provide ventilation which helps eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), moisture, stale air, dust, particulates, and any other indoor air pollutants in a building.

Velux skylights can also be installed with features like solar powered shades, climate control ventilation (opening and closing skylights), and sun tunnels, giving the owner more control over how much light and heat and air enters a room and improving daylighting in any space.IMG_20150722_155652

Because of all these advantages, Velux skylights are Energy Star-rated, and significant federal tax credits are available on BOTH labor and material costs which is another great reason to invest in a Velux skylight. Velux also provides an industry first ‘10 Year-No-Leak-Installation-Warranty’, offering the buyer a more secure investment in their purchase.

With Velux’ ‘best in the industry’ designs and 3R Roofing’s experience, attention to detail and long track record with Velux products, these skylight installations simply don’t leak. That’s the result of pairing an excellent skylight with an expert skylight installer.

  1. Polycarbonate (See picture on right)

In lieu of Velux skylights polycarbonate skylights are a good alternative when you are looking to replace an existing polycarbonate lens or install a new skylight on a budget. While they don’t offer as much energy efficiency and climate control as Velux, they can do a lot to improve daylighting in a building.Poly    Carbonate    Skylight

Polycarbonate skylight material can be cut to size, making it easy to customize what size and shape of skylight you want. For commercial properties with greater daylighting needs, large polycarbonate skylights can positively transform communal spaces by letting in a large volume of natural sunlight.

In addition to the ease of sizing customization of polycarbonate skylight lenses for larger openings, another useful feature is the doubled lens which provides more life cycle durability and an energy saving ‘all season’ thermal blanket. These lenses are also available in clear and tinted finishes.


Skylights in Boulder Increase Home Value, Save Energy, and Improve Daylighting (Skylight Guide, Part 1)

Boulder, CO – Most people would agree that skylights make a huge improvement to any home or business. That soft, pleasant feeling of natural light combined with the coziness of being indoors just feels good. Whether you’re lucky enough to live in a place like Boulder, Colorado with hundreds of days of sunshine per year, or you’re just trying to maximize your sunlight at any latitude, skylights are the way to go.

In this blog series, 3R Roofing will explore every aspect of skylights. We’ll discuss the benefits of installing skylights, the different types of skylight systems, skylight materials, and skylight accessories, and a simple guide on how to install residential and commercial skylights. We hope this will be a useful resource for everyone who stops by our site.

  1. Suntunnel, Boulder, Colorado, skylight, 3R RoofingDaylighting

There are a couple of specific reasons why skylights represent a great investment, the most obvious being “daylighting”. Daylighting refers to the practice of maximizing natural light indoors – trying to let as much sun into a building as possible with windows, skylights, and reflective surfaces which can magnify the sunlight entering the building.

Why is daylighting so important and useful? As it turns out, not all light is created equal. There is some fascinating research out there showing how exposure to natural light is crucial to human health and happiness. As a species, we need sunlight to help produce our vitamin D and regulate our sleep cycles.

Daylighting in businesses makes employees more productive, while daylighting in schools makes students more successful. Daylighting with skylights in retail stores has even been shown to correlate with customers buying more merchandise. Skylights are especially good for daylighting because they’re able to let the most sunlight into a building during the day.

Simply put, if you have a skylight in your home or business, it can help make you happier and healthier.

  1. Saving Energy

Besides all the psychological and health benefits of daylighting, skylights save energy! Free natural light from the sun combined with skylight ventilation means that buildings with skylights need less energy for electrical lighting and cooling. And in many instances skylights can help with heating given the right application of solar gain design.

In fact, skylights are usually a key part of LEED certification, and the best skylights are Energy Star rated for their role in improving a building’s energy efficiency. Features like solar shades and solar-operable skylights provide even more efficiency and control over ventilation and indoor air temperature.

Because of all these energy-saving benefits, the federal government offers tax credits for replacing older skylights with newer, energy efficient models.

  1. Increasing Home ValueVelux Solar Powered Skylight Boulder

Because skylights save us energy and make us healthier and happier, it follows naturally that buildings with skylights are more desirable than those without. Research has shown that commercial properties without skylights are worth as much as 20% less on the open market than those with skylights.

Following this logic, if John Doe installs one or more skylights in his home, he’s increased his home resale value considerably. In any case, the value added from a skylight easily exceeds the cost of installing one.

Homebuyers know about all the benefits of skylights, so a home with skylights is not only more likely to sell, but will also sell for a higher price than a comparable home without skylights. Skylights are an instant value improvement for commercial properties, too.

Legend has it that the vampire Dracula hated the sun, but even he would probably install a dozen skylights in his mansion if he realized how much value it would add to his home.

Now that we’ve explained some of the benefits of skylights, we’ll discuss the various types of skylights and the different advantages of each type:

How Different Kinds of Skylights Can Suit Your Needs (Skylight Guide, Part 2)

Roofing Historical Homes in Boulder County

In the City of Boulder cedar shakes can no longer be installed when re-roofing a home or business structure because of the local Fire Ordinance. However, in Boulder County plains/fire zone 2 and some specific municipalities, cedar shakes with a Class A assembly are allowed.

In the home shown at the left, 3R Roofing, LLC was tasked with the job of preserving the historical integrity of this late 19th century home in Superior, Colorado while following local code requirements for a Class A assembly for a new cedar shake roof.Cynda pre T.O. (2)

To do this, we had to remove the existing cedar shake roofing material and re-sheet some portions of the old roof deck as you can see on the right.Cynda T.O.






The re-decking was followed by the installation of customized material: namely, TAM-CAP Glass UL rated fiberglass mat underlayment, including ice and water guard at all eaves and valleys, and Class B #1 medium fire treated shakes with split felt underlayment, as on the left. 12 12





So, in the process of providing an historically appropriate roof for a charming, customized Victorian home in Boulder County, 3R Roofing, LLC was also able to deliver a Class A cedar shake assembly at an investment not much more than a standard cedar shake assembly. We now have one happy cat under a new wood shake roof!

Contact 3R Roofing, LLC  for your customized roofing needs and more…

Cat                                         Ridgeview



Little Known Sources of Roof Leaks in Boulder

With moderate to heavy rain and snow in unpredictable Boulder one may experience vexing, drywall damaging  leaks that are real head scratchers.

Here are a few of the more common sources of these types of leaks:SAMSUNG

    1. The picture at left is an aged and damaged rubber flange on a plumbing vent jack also known as a pipe jack. This issue can cause serious water damage and is a relatively easy replacement item.
    2. The masonry on this chimney cap in the second picture at right is cracked and deteriorated. With prolonged rain this old mortar becomes porous and water can leak right through the cracks and masonry itself causing interior damage around the chimney. Mortar caulking and a special waterproofing solution will eliminate this problem.Cracked Chimney Masonry Cap
    3. The third picture below indicates an opening for continuous ridge vent where the combination of a wide microlam ridge beam and a ridge line with two different adjoining slopes makes for a potentially disastrous pathway for wind driven rain and snow – this opening is too big for the ventilation required! Ridge Vent Opening Too LargeThe solutions are: creating an overframe plenum (a small house on top) to protect the opening from the elements and placing the ridge vent above or, covering this continuous opening and installing a different type of exhaust venting that more effectively protects your home from the wet weather. An adequate amount of intake venting is also important to balance the air pressure and outward air flow from the attic.
    4. The fourth picture below shows a delaminated overlap seam on modified bitumen. Age and improper installation of this low slope roofing material will lead to this broken seal, the end result being a surprise leak into your Boulder, Colorado home.Unsealed Overlap

Contact 3R Roofing today for a free estimate in Boulder County and beyond to correct your leaky roof issues before they become a damaging drywall issue.

Balanced Roof Ventilation, a Must!

What’s wrong with this picture?

It may not be obvious as these wind driven turbine roof exhaust vents move up to five times more air than the standard roof exhaust vent known as an RV 51.

The problem is two fold:

  • These vents have no corresponding intake vents so they cannot draw attic air effectively.
  • Also, because they are close to each other, they tend to draw outside air from each other instead of the attic.

If you are looking for more Summer time relief from the heat and less moisture buildup which can lead to mold and mildew, it is absolutely essential that your attic space have an appropriate balance and configuration between intake and exhaust venting.

Proper ventilation will also extend the life of your roof too and improve the over all energy efficiency of your homeSAMSUNGBalancing Intake Vent. Contact 3R Roofing in Boulder, Colorado for a free consultation.

Value of Velux Solar Powered Skylights

Velux Solar Powered Skylight BoulderIf you are looking for more natural light in your home and an Energy Star Tax credit to boot then consider the Velux VSS solar powered skylight. The solar powered blind is a very good option to include as well!

You are now eligible for an average of $850 on this product and installation Federal Energy Star tax credit!

Some of the superior features of this skylight:

  • A rain sensor that automatically shuts the skylight window when it rains
  • The best insulative value of any skylight available – a great replacement for plexiglass ‘bubble’ skylights
  • Low-E glass that regulates according to season to contain or repel heat
  • No leak warranty with a superior flashing kit
  • Bright natural light, beauty and comfort, both inside and out

We recently installed two of these skylights near Boulder, Colorado after the hail storms of 2014 and have installed many other curb mounted and deck mounted Velux skylights for happy customers in the Boulder area.

If you are looking for a new Velux skylight please fill out our 3R Roofing contact form today!






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