Little Known Sources of Roof Leaks in Boulder

With moderate to heavy rain and snow in unpredictable Boulder one may experience vexing, drywall damaging  leaks that are real head scratchers.

Here are a few of the more common sources of these types of leaks:SAMSUNG

    1. The picture at left is an aged and damaged rubber flange on a plumbing vent jack also known as a pipe jack. This issue can cause serious water damage and is a relatively easy replacement item.
    2. The masonry on this chimney cap in the second picture at right is cracked and deteriorated. With prolonged rain this old mortar becomes porous and water can leak right through the cracks and masonry itself causing interior damage around the chimney. Mortar caulking and a special waterproofing solution will eliminate this problem.Cracked Chimney Masonry Cap
    3. The third picture below indicates an opening for continuous ridge vent where the combination of a wide microlam ridge beam and a ridge line with two different adjoining slopes makes for a potentially disastrous pathway for wind driven rain and snow – this opening is too big for the ventilation required! Ridge Vent Opening Too LargeThe solutions are: creating an overframe plenum (a small house on top) to protect the opening from the elements and placing the ridge vent above or, covering this continuous opening and installing a different type of exhaust venting that more effectively protects your home from the wet weather. An adequate amount of intake venting is also important to balance the air pressure and outward air flow from the attic.
    4. The fourth picture below shows a delaminated overlap seam on modified bitumen. Age and improper installation of this low slope roofing material will lead to this broken seal, the end result being a surprise leak into your Boulder, Colorado home.Unsealed Overlap

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