Eco Friendly Roofing Best Practices

Obviously we’d like to see every home have an energy efficient roof. We’d like to see every home and building have a roof that is made from mostly recycled content and that won’t summarily be dumped in a landfill. We’d like to see this growing movement of green roofing move faster. In the mean time, I offer the standards for Roofing Best Practice.

  • Recycle tear-off Shingles
  • Work with your City & County for project financing & rebates
  • Install Energy Star Roofing material
  • Use high recycled content materials – such as steel
  • Partner with Renewable Energy contractors
  • Ventilation upgrades reduce cooling load & extend roof life
  • Recycle other C & D waste

Thanks for your ongoing support. And help us move toward recycling commercial roofing products too!

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