Best EPDM low slope roofing in Boulder, Co.

img_20160712_0834551boom-1img_20160712_0839421A few months ago, in the summer of 2016, 3R Roofing worked on this building in Boulder, CO with an EPDM roof that presented a unique challenge. The roof slope in the field was sufficient to bring water to the right area of the roof, but it did not reach the drainage points adequately – important details!

For starters, we had Fernando (below) of American Roofing Supply in Commmerce City deliver the EPDM materials to the roof with his handy boom truck.



Then, enter our specialized crew who provide expert over frame crickets that divert water runoff.

We had Cruz, a very talented roofer/carpenter and his other able helpers install the overframe cricket system on the roof deck to make sure that water reaching the drainage wall went to the specific drainage points, known as conductor heads. This system prevents excessive pooling and water buildup from occuring on the roof and sends the water where it belongs – on the ground!













This taper and cricket system is uncommon in Boulder, Co. because most taper systems for roofing are done with EPS (extruded polystyrene – styro foam).

And, though EPS is a sufficient taper system that adds insulative value and good runoff characteristics to a roof system it is most often more expensive than wood crickets. And, it is vulnerable to deterioration from the EPDM adhesives used to apply the field membrane.

So, when considering new or overframe taper applications for challenged low slope roofing systems in Boulder, Colorado and beyond, 3R Roofing suggests that you consider wood over EPS. It may save you a lot of money and a lot of headache!





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